4 Tips for Finding a Hemp-Derived CBD Wholesale Vendor That’s Right for Your Business

Hemp-derived CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that works by binding with the neural receptors of the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is the largest regulatory system in our bodies and plays a role in regulating countless crucial functions, including pain and inflammation responses, emotional responses, immune system functions, and much more. It’s clear why hemp-derived CBD has exploded onto the health and wellness scene in the past few years. If you’re interested in incorporating hemp-derived CBD into your business, the key is finding a reputable vendor of high-quality wholesale CBD derived from hemp.   

Find a Vendor with a Selection of Product Formulations 

The skyrocketing popularity of hemp-derived CBD has resulted in a variety of formulation options for consumers. As many hemp-derived CBD customers may expect a wider selection of formulation options, be sure that the wholesale provider you choose can meet that demand. Hemp-derived CBD formulations to look for include: 

  • CBD softgels 
  • CBD isolate powders 
  • A selection of CBD tinctures and oils 
  • Topical CBD products 
  • CBD gummies 

Find a Vendor with Product Variety 

In addition to a range of formulations, your business’s source of hemp-derived CBD wholesale products should offer a broad variety of options within their formulation choices. For example, the popularity of hemp-derived CBD products for pets has been on the rise. Look for additional hemp-derived CBD product variety, such as: 

  • Both full spectrum and 0% THC options 
  • A range of mg per ml of CBD concentrations 
  • Focused topical products like CBD-infused lip balm and roll-on applicators 
  • Topical skin products including CBD salves and creams 
  • Enhanced relief options like warming and cooling CBD lotions

Find a Vendor with Naturally-Sourced, High-Quality Hemp-Derived CBD 

All the variety in the world, however, is no substitute for quality. Partnering with a hemp-derived CBD wholesale provider carrying naturally-sourced, high-quality CBD products should always be a top priority. Ensure any vendor you go through is transparent about stringently following the FDA’s industry guidelines and the use of third-party testing. Hemp-derived CBD customers tend to appreciate product features like the use of non-GMO hemp that’s grown in the U.S using natural farming practices.  

Find a Vendor That Will Work with Your Business 

Finally, ensuring a successful partnership is best accomplished when working with a vendor that’s proactive about their role in the partnership. For instance, does the hemp-derived CBD wholesale supplier in question offer fair wholesale pricing? Are they confident enough in their product to feature no minimum wholesale order requirements? Can they include educational and sales material, signage, and branded display racks with orders? Will your business be dealing with a dedicated rep? If the answer is “yes” to those questions, you have found the hemp-derived CBD wholesale provider for your business. 

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